Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission - 8 The One That Implicates Iraq

Student Paper #8

During the Second World War, an agreement was made at a conference where the President of the United States,  Britan, and Russia.  This verbal agreement gave Russia the opportunity to spread its territory tremendously. As they began to invade many of the countries to their west, they began to spreading their communist government.  The Iron Curtain is an imaginary wall created after World War II.  Russia took over many countries and set its troops along this curtain in order to divide the capitalist countries from its new communist territories.

  In this mission I had to ask five people two questions: What is the iron curtain? And what countries were affected by the iron curtain?

The first person I asked was my sister.  When asked what it was she responded that she had already heard of it in school but her history teacher was so bad that she does not remember exactly what it was. Her answer to the second question was that it occurred somewhere in Europe.  

After asking a high school friend, it was very easy to take notes on his responses.  His response to the first question was that he had no clue and guessed that it was literally a curtain made with iron.  When asked which countries it involved he said Iraq. 

Another friend was a bit more ready for the question.  She said that the iron curtain was a division between east and west Europe that was during World War II.  She said it included Germany and Russia because they are always involved in some type of problem.  

At Pep boys after asking a worker he also responded that maybe it was a new type of curtain made of some very thick or expensive material and had no clue where it happened or what countries were involved. 

 The final person I asked said that the iron curtain was a border of all of the territory that was gained by Germany in World War II. He said it involved Germany, Italy, Russia, and many other European countries.

This mission made it clear that many people today do not realize what this is and therefore do not know how important this period in time was.  Knowing that the iron curtain is still affecting the world today makes it a very big episode in history.