Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission - 7 (Insert Crying Emoji)

Throughout our lecture on WWII we have learned about many things that went on during WWII such as the iron curtain. Many people are not aware of the iron curtain or what it is so I took it upon myself to ask a couple girls I work with what they thought the iron curtain was.(they arent the smartest girls). 

The first girl I asked "Is it something that you put in your shower so that it holds you up if your going to fall?" no, your dumb it has nothing to do with a shower, when i asked her to list some countries she replied with "target, tjmaxx, and home goods" (she was not my brightest one), the second girl i asked replied with " I know it has something to do with a war" she was probably my closest guess, the countries she listed "U.S, Italy, Korea", very close but no cigar. 

The 3rd girl replied with "I learned about this in school it has something to do with architecutre" he countries she listed were actually states so I wont embaress her too much. the 4th girls respnse "A shower appliance" The countries she listed "What does it have to do with countries its a curtain Rod".... and the 5th girl. I always save the best for last "Is it something you can buy at a sex shop" (insert crying emoji).

 This assignment taught me two things, one being  i work with the dumbest girls in Tallahassee, the second being that not many people know about the iron curtain or what it is. 

Fortunately i learned that it is a boundary that seperated Europe until the end of the cold war. I learned learned that it was a phrase given by winston churchill in his speech. During the period eastern Europe was under complete politcal control while western Europe enjoyed political freedom. This mission taught me a lot more about the Iron curtain because of all the research on it and it taught me that when Im feeling not so smart just to talk to one of my co-workers!