Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission - 5

Student #5

I interviewed five random people asking them to explain what the Iron curtain was and what some of the Iron Curtain countries were. I got some different, but somewhat similar responses.

 I asked one family member who is taking a history class now back in high school and the rest random friends.  The first person told me it was a huge wall bordering Russia and Germany, which could be correct if they expanded more information. It was not just those two countries though. The second person said it was the barrier between the countries of the Soviet and its allies, which is partially correct. That was pretty much the barrier between them after World War 2 used by Churchill. They put down Poland, Germany, Great Britain, and Russia as the Iron Curtain countries. The third person said something to do with the Soviet Union protecting itself and then Germany. Germany, Russia for Iron Curtain countries, well that is real helpful. Yes it had something to do with the Soviet Union, but it was after the World War 2 that was pretty much a boundary in Europe between self-governing nations of the West and those in Eastern Europe which had recently come under the powerful ideas of Soviet Russia. The fourth person told me it had something to do with the Soviet Union blocking themselves from all the other allies and other countries in Western Europe lol. That is completely incorrect, they did get the right idea on the geography part, but that had nothing to do with the Iron Curtain. The fifth person I asked gave the best definition for the Iron Curtain. He said it was after World War 2, right before the Cold War, where it borders between the states that were members of the Warsaw Pact, basically which we learned in class the other day. He said it borders  between East Germany and West Germany, between Austria and Czechoslovakia, and between Hungary and Austria.