Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission - 4

 Student #4
Question: Explain Iron Curtain and list some Iron Curtain Countries
1. "I'm not quite sure what the exact definition of an iron curtain is, but I know it has something to do with Winston Churchill. As for the countries, I don't know any. Sorry!"

2. "An iron curtain is basically a military that was messed up by the Soviet Union after World War 2. I don't know all the countries but I know one would be Germany."

3. "I don't know what an iron curtain is but I know it have something to do with the Cold War. I'm not sure of the exact countries but I think it was on the border of Hungary and Austria if I'm not mistaking"

4. "I don't really know anything about history. I graduated from college so many years ago but I remember the term iron curtain. I'll give it a shot! An iron curtain was something like a conflict that divided Europe. The two countries that I know of is Poland and Bulgaria."

5. "Hmm...From what I learned in AMH1050 two semesters ago, an iron curtain basically was divided into separate areas under an influence that started from the end of WWll all the way until the end of the Cold War. The countries that was behind the iron curtain back in the 1950s was Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Poland, Hungary and Romania."

My Experience
This mission was a great experience for me because I honestly had no idea as to what a iron curtain was and I didn't know a lot of the countries. 

I enjoyed the fact that I was actually able to socialize with different individuals around the campus and hear their responses.

 I learned a lot of interesting facts about the iron curtains from a student who previously took this course.

 I also know where the countries are located on the map!