Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission - 3

Student #3

The Iron Curtain was an invisible wall created to stop the Russians from taking over.

 Churchhill said, “We must not let another war happen like this again.” He was referring to WW2. The iron curtain did not include the Soviet Union. It was a blockage between the Soviet Union and the West Europe. 

So my mission was to ask five people, “What is the Iron Curtain?” I was really proud of a couple of answers.

                  While me and my Oma was waiting in the waiting area to be called. I asked her what is the Iron Curtain and her response was, “The Iron Curtain was a wall near Germany where people tried to cross to be free.” I thought her answer was pretty good; it made me smile because I was not expecting her response to be so close to the correct answer. But I had to remember that my Oma stayed in Germany with my Opa for a few years because my Opa was in the military during the Vietnam War.  And that’s where they received their name Oma and Opa . It is the term grandma and grandpa translated in Germany’s language.  They had us call them Oma and Opa since my siblings and I could speak their names.

                  The other person I asked about the Iron Curtain was my Opa. We had a full fifteen minute conversation about Germany, Russia, N.A.T.O, China. He explained that the iron wall separated west and east Europe or Germany. He said it was an actual wall it wasn’t invisible. He said men use to actually climb it to search out. I didn’t want to stop him from talking. I just listened. He begin to talk about the North and South Korea. It was quite interesting hearing my Opa knowledge on our history. Out of all my 24 years, knowing he stayed in Germany and that he is a veteran I never thought to talk about his experience and what he knows about the wars. I appreciate this class for opening up that door between me and my Opa. He was glad to share.

                  I asked my brother about the Iron Curtain he said “hell I don’t know” “What do you mean?”

I also asked a friend, he said he heard about it before but he can’t remember.

 And I asked a co-worker and she repeated the question back to me and replied that she didn’t know.

                  My brother made me laugh because I did explain to him this is something I have to present to my teacher and if this was his final answer.  He said that’s his final answer and then sent me a text of his final answer. I told him what the Iron Curtain was afterwards and he said he’s going to use this same question on a few people. Thank you Dr. Soldani for this assignment it was a great experience and it always feels good to have knowledge on something you can share with others.