Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission - 2

Student #2

Person 1: Iron curtain was irons that people used to build thing for war like weapons etc… United States

Person 2: Iron curtain is a heavy weapon. It made with metal and wood that was built to kill people a painfully way.

Person 3: I remember one of my teachers told me something about that Iron curtain. It was a black and white line between all the countries in Europe. That’s all I remember. China, Russian, France, etc…

Person 4: I have no idea what you talk about!!!!! Me: have you ever heard anything about it? Person: I am from Jamaica, and I never heard of this thing name Iron curtain. 

Person 5: Iron Curtain was a way to save money after World War 1. United States of America helped by sending iron in France for the war, so people can have enough irons to build things for the war. United States and France

It was not easy to find someone who knew something about the iron curtain.

 I ask American people first, but no one did know anything about. Some of them knew just a little about it like the third person he knew it was a line, but I felt like he had no idea what he was saying.

I know the Iron curtain was a boundary line that was separated Europe. The Iron curtain was under control of the Soviet Union. Eastern of Europe was under influence of Soviet Union while the western were enjoying the freedom. Joseph Stalin was the one who set up the iron curtain’s border that was the ruler of the USSR after  World war 2.