Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission - 14: Germany and Britain. The Usual Suspects

Asking people about the Iron Curtain was very interesting and I got a good laugh.

 I asked a couple of people what they thought the Iron Curtain was and here are the responses I got:

Jackie  said the Iron Curtain is Winston Churchill’s proposal during World War II to separate from the fighting.  Countries are Germany and Britain

Laren  said the Iron Curtain was The NATO troops trying to rush in and take over Poland and Lithuania. 
Some countries: Germany and Britain

Stuart C said the Iron Curtain is supposed impenetrable defense set up by the allied forces for the Nazi’s. 
Countries: Germany and ...?

Morgan described the Iron Curtain as one of those heavy room dividers, kind of like a partition wall. Countries: Spain and China

Kim Basford said the Iron Curtain is the wall they put up to defend the other countries. 
Countries: Spain and Germany

As you can clearly see, some people knew what the Iron Curtain is and the countries and some people didn’t. The Iron Curtain was the unspoken barrier dividing the Soviet Region and the West to the end of communism that followed the political events in Eastern Europe in 1989.