Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission #13: Throwing a Former Student Under the Bus

Student #13

When I asked my friends about the iron curtain, nobody knew exactly what it was.

 Brandon, my closest friend said “ I’ve heard of it before, but I cant remember anything about it.”
 Other friends such as C=== told me it was a “giant wall they build in Europe”, which is hilarious because you stated some people actually believe that. C=== also had you as a teacher before, and since he couldn’t remember he started laughing because he knew you would be disappointed he didn’t recall. 

Joe my next door neighbor said “ dude….. I can’t remember I’m so high.” (He is prescribed medical marijuana.) 

Max told me it’s the huge curtains they use at big plays or events and its called that because its so big and long its almost like a wall. I

 asked some random girl walking to the gym just to start a conversation and she said “ I don’t know” and I proceeded to continue walking.