Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission #12: Is it Sexual? It Sounds Like a Drink

Student #12

Iron Curtain Questions

            The five people I asked about the iron curtain all gave me very different responses.

 The first person I asked was my roommate Julie, and her response was “An imaginary line that represents a wall through certain countries like Vietnam and the countries surrounding it.” 

My second response was from Ryan, which he said “In history the iron curtain was when the soviets came to power and it spilt Europe in 2. You know like the whole Berlin Wall and the Cold War.”

 My third response was the funniest by my coworker Alex, “I don’t know! Is it sexual?” 

My fourth response was from my neighbor Dina that responded, “It sounds like a drink.”

 And my last response was from my friend Samantha that said “Why are you asking me this at one in the morning, but it’s like when Europe spilt up into two separate areas. Like Soviet Union vs. everyone else kind of.”