Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission 11: I Don't Know L*, that is a Dad Question

Student #11

Iron Curtain Explanations:
1.     Friend- “I’m sorry… what?... Ok I am just going to guess it has to do with a curtain?”

2.     Friend- “I don’t remember what it is but it had something to do with Churchill right? And the countries were Russia and Soviet Union.”

3.     Dad-The iron curtain was the name given to the border between the old USSR or Soviet Union and the rest of Europe.  It ran along communist countries.  It wasn’t a real curtain.  Some of the countries that were part of the Iron curtain I think would have been Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Eastern Germany, and maybe Yugoslavia and a few others; I can’t remember.

4.     Mom- “I don’t know L* that is a dad question.”

5.     Cousin- “It was like a figure of speech like a wall that spilt Europe from west to east from communism and capitalism after WW2. The countries were west of Berlin didn’t want communism and east wanted Russian rule, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. 

6.     Friends Mom- “Ummm doesn’t that have to do with Russia? Not sure about the countries but I think it was Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.”

7.     Roommate- “…. the iron curtain… uhhhh I mean I have heard of it but I don’t really remember sorry.”

8.     Friend- “Russia’s wall separating the communism from the rest of the world and some countries are Russia, and the Soviet Union.”

9.     Friend- “The iron curtain was a curtain that was heated in order to iron your clothes during the 18th century. The curtain was made of thin iron filaments, which allowed it to be heated, and have clothes hung onto it and have the wrinkles released. Generally the gentleman or woman would wait behind the curtain for the clothes to finish wrinkling and then would promptly put them on and look great. This invention was made in England.” (yes this was a real response I did not make this up)