Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission - 10

Student #10
The answers I received from asking people what is the Iron curtain and some iron curtain countries was ridiculously wrong, but creative and some were fairly close, but they did not compare to the funny wrong ones. 
My first answered I received a curtain that was Ironed and the countries were Denmark, Netherlands and Switzerland 
My second answer I received was fairly close to the first one, but just as wrong. They answered a country that has a curtain with no wrinkles. and these countries were Haiti, Cuba and Nigeria. As if these countries sit around and iron curtains for everyone. 
the third person I ask, I think learned about the iron curtain before in class because the had some sort of idea. They answered a war that was hidden within countries like Russia and Afghanistan. 
The forth answer I received was just as wrong, but at least it was an educational guess. They answered a collection of countries that rely heavily on iron to develop. 
My fifth answer I received was my personally my favorite, so I saved it for last. They answered a iron curtain was a way that the government secretly hide information from citizens, for the people will not truly understand how the government is controlled and how money has all the power in the government. 
This experience goes to show that we need to stay in school and continue to educate ourselves, because I know that if I was not in the class my answer would be just as worst.