Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission - 1

(Iron Curtain Mission: Interview 5-10 people, asking them "What is/was the Iron Curtain?")

Student 1:

            I actually had a lot of fun completing this mission. I decided to take this question to where I work (the Holiday Inn) and ask a few people there. I was so eager to hear the responses.

I first asked my manager what the Iron Curtain was and he responded with “It divided Russia”. He couldn’t however provide any other countries. 

The second person I asked was the general manager and he responded with “The Iron Curtain is a couple of things: 1) it’s a football team in Pittsburgh and 2) It was a divider in Russia.” And then he turned it around on me and asked what started the War of 1812 -(not cool).  

I then asked a co-worker of mine and asked him to explain the Iron Curtain to me. He said, “It’s that thing that was in Germany… Russia…Right?”

 The fourth person I asked was a cook. He answered with “It was an imaginary wall that blocked the business from happening in the Soviet Union.” His response did not surprise me because he’s a pretty smart guy. The final person I asked said that the Iron Curtain was a war that happened in Europe over iron. 

Over all, most people had an idea of what it was and I had a great time interviewing and educating people on what the Iron Curtain was.