Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Could Very Much Get Used to This

Today is Day #4 of freedom.

Yes, OK, I live in a free country and I was born a free spirit, but for 200ish  days a year I wake up and am bound to spend about 4 (unpaid) hours a day driving in circles.

Circle #1 is taking Zack to school.

Then I come home and take Zoe to school.

After that I get to go to work, usually arriving mildly traumatized from whatever was lost, found, done, undone or whatever.

Too soon I have to leave work and do it all again.
Drive back and pick up Zack.
Take him home.
Get Zoe.
Take her home.
Recover briefly then circles around the kitchen (or back in the car to Publix).

No more driving in circles until August.

I get to go to work like a regular person, and act like this is my job.

I could very much get used to this.