Monday, June 2, 2014

Get Ready to for it!

The puppy has finally healed from her special surgery and can now be bathed.

That's when I realize my kids have never bathed a dog.

This is going to be awesome.

There are 6 sinks in this place but I  choose a bathtub and start to fill it.

Zack wants to help me but I tell him to instead get ready for the show.

Wait, wait, I tell him, get your ipad ready for pictures and video this is going to be great.

What is? He asks.

You'll see, I tell him, scrubbing the puppy's back with suds while she smiles and leans onto me.

What's going to happen? he asks, and I smile in anticipation.  Just get ready, it's going to be great!

I just know without telling him that dogs go CRAZY after taking a bath. She's going to go wild running and rolling and making arrrrrr mmmmmm grrrrrr noises.

I finish the bath and she jumps into the towel I'm holding, then goes limp.

Zackk!!Get ready! She's coming!

Zack is ready for whatever is about to happen.

I put the puppy down, still wrapped in a town, ready for her to spring up and bounce around.

She doesn't.

I go down next to her and say "hey! hey! where's your bone? goooooo get it!!!!'  which causes her to roll on to her back and close her eyes.

Zack is still ready.

He asks what's about to happen and I tell him I can't tell him.

Just wait.

He waits.

I wait.

The clean puppy falls dead asleep on her back, on the floor, wrapped in a towel.

After about 10 minutes Zack says, "Thanks Mom, I really learned a LOT from that...I had NO ideas dogs would lay down in a towel...." in a completely sarcastically kind tone.

This dog is something, I tell him, then shake my head and go off to write exams and answer email.