Wednesday, June 18, 2014

5 Things Mission #5:

I interviewed a veteran and asked him the question, what are five things that college students should be learning in a US history college coarse class.

 The answers that I received back were:
  • That the Iraq war is not over, there are still numerous amount of troops fighting and being killed.
  • The American tax dollars are not really enough to support the war, and America is trying to pay their way out of debt. 
  • They also hoped that college students are learning that 9/11 could have been possibly prevented, because the U.S government had an idea that Al Qaeda was possibly attacking.
  • They also said that students should understand and learn all the conditions that the troops have to go through during the war.
  •  Hoped students  learn more about the countries and the ethnic groups that is in those countries, because that explain a lot about how a lot of wars started.