Friday, June 13, 2014

100 Books My College Students Assigned Me: Book #55: The Choice, A LoveHorror Story

So much has been going on in my world and my heart and my head that I really haven't been able to settle down this week and read as much as I'd planned on reading.

My next book was supposed to be a simple, straightforward non-academic easy read love story.

I thought I'd finish it by Wednesday. I was wrong.

I carried this book around for two days before I could read it.

I put it next to me while I graded exams, and I carried it to my office and class and never opened it because being on campus right now  is too intense in ways I can't especially articulate.

So today, Friday the 13th, the day of some crazy summer honey moon that won't be back until 2098 etc, I read this book from cover to cover.

The first half didn't hook me.  Seriously.

A man, A woman. Dogs that get pregnant and roll in smelly things.
 An unmistakable earth-shattering attraction.
Love. Sex.

 One of them has a significant other, hence the title "The Choice. "

In all honesty the first 170 pages of this book didn't really hold me, pull me, grab me in any way.

And then in one second the story pivoted like a horror-love story and "The Choice" became an entirely different choice, framed in this particular question, "How far should a person go in the name of true love?"

This book turns from a run of the mill love story to an epic fairy tale in three single beats.
This G rated fairy tale love story will keep your attention for a long car ride or a plane trip somewhere.