Monday, May 26, 2014

Book #51: Dog Training for Dummies & Newton's Third Law

Isaac Newton turned the world upside down by showing residents of this physical world are governed by understandable, predictable rational laws. Gravity. Inertia. Momentum. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

 I tell you all this because my bringing a puppy home has brought the equal and opposite reaction of whatever is the opposite of joy, gratitude, daring. Etc. It's been ugly.

But I love this dog, and I stick by my courageous jump to dare to ask for more peace love positivity and (above all) affection in my world.

Book #51 had lists of diagrams and lists and wide double margins that were mostly white space with sprinkles of hints and warnings so I read it from cover to cover in less than 2 hours on Saturday with the dog (puppy? I can't tell her age or her breed, and I kinda don't care) sitting at my feet happy to be included in my world.

This book taught me a bit more about dog psychology than I knew; I better understand the drives of pack behavior, predator behavior, flight and fight. Knowing my dogs instinctive actions and reactions gives me power and responsibility to help guide her and keep her world a little safer.

 I finish the book on Saturday and take her for two more walks.

Monday morning I grab book #52 (THE WOLF OF WALLSTREET) and teach her how to sit on the back porch with me and smile at the wind blowing through the leaves.