Saturday, May 24, 2014

Book #50: Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead

Book #50 came to me a special way.   Wayyy back in January when I was asking for books, several former students stepped up to join this challenge. This particular ex-student gifted me a book via Amazon Kindle, and I am here to confirm that this whole gifting thing not only works but is a delightful thing.

Why did I pick this book to be the milestone #50 out of 100 books?

Seriously, I was eyeing Mockingjay, Paper Towns or Wolf of Wallstreet for Book #50, but then I was tweeting with the student who assigned me this book and she said something that woke me up.

She wanted to know when I was reading HER book, and reminded me that the book she assigned me wasn't a story, it was a big cheer of encouragement.

Perfect.  I am thirsty for encouragement, sunshine, joy and positivity. I chose it for Book #50, and read it on my phone via the KINDLE APP (omg, so awesome, have you tried this?)

Ten minutes into the book I'm tweeting my ex-student to ask if this is book is real, and is it possible there's someone out there THIS intense?

She said yes, yes, how far have you read?

I don't answer because this book hits me so deeply I am moved to action.

  This book writes about authenticity, joy, vulnerability, the three food groups the soul needs.

To be honest, for the first 50 pages I thought I found a friend in this author, and I got the impression that she and I both went on similar wisdom journeys and both of us came back with treasure.

Little if anything in this book was new to me.

But the passion behind the words was so real I put the book down, stood up and made a huge change in my life.

I went and got a puppy. You can say I rescued her, or that I got her for the kids, but let's be honest. I needed her. I needed her love.

Right before lunchtime on Friday I know what i have to do. I check Zack out of school early and we go to the shelter. Maybe the right puppy will be there. Maybe no. I'm not afraid to look, to ask for what I want.

Three hours later Zack and I drive home with the puppy dancing between us. I have checked her out thoroughly and I am particularly enamored with two things about her: 1) nothing (NOTHING) scares her  (the staff tells me she was herding rottweilers yesterday) and 2) she goes completely limp when I pick her up.

By the next day I have had more kisses and love than I've had in years and even though Zoe has named the dog MIA I want to call her HAPPY because she's like one of the 7 dwarfs and because HAPPY should be her theme song.  

 She's easy. This puppy doesn't need me, she doesn't flip when she doesn't see me, but we like each other and roll around together. This is perfect. I needed this so deeply and Book #50 gave me the courage to take action on the fact I needed  more, and I needed it now.

Please read Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead.

Thanks to Book #50, my life has changed and I've had to buy a book to insert into this epic journey:
Book #51: Dog Training for Dummies