Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Book #48: A Game of Thrones. You Were Right, the Book is Better

The first time I watched A Game of Thrones on HBO (well after the kids went to sleep, of course) I was hooked. It was smart, fast paced, sexy, historical fiction.  Every week the show was great, but not enough. The next week again I'd love the show, but then after an hour I'd be in the dark again, left waiting for the story to be told to me at someone else's pace.

I prefer my stories to go fast. I think I read some of my favorite books in this journey much faster than they could have been acted out on the big the screen. The Fault in Our Stars and a few other books might have taken me a few extra minutes because I was sobbing so hard, but besides that, I like books better than movies in general because they go faster for me.

So you can only imagine how much I enjoyed binge reading Game of Thrones at a pace much faster than it was doled out to me by the executives at a network.  This is a 5 hour book, not a 10 week book, and those 5 hours are awesome.

Dragons. Mean people. Bad ideas. Direwolves. Trickery. War.  Murder. Sex. More dragons.  Good stuff, I'm glad my student gave it to me.

 If this review seems short to you it is simply because I am 50 pages into book #49 and it is so wonderfully crookedly brilliant I am completely hooked.