Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Social at Veteran's Village


An undetermined # of people are bringing baskets to be delivered to the Vets. We are hoping for 60, and that most are gender neutral.  From what I've seen the Vets enjoy everything they've been given as long as it is presented in a spirit of generosity. Don't go overboard but please don't be like that girl who gave me a used shirt and a bottle of baby powder in a basket.

If you are putting one together and you're stuck for an idea, please recruit your super-creative craftiest friend to do this with you.  

DUE: To me personally or to me through the HSS staff by 4pm on Thursday 4/17.  If you leave a basket with the staff please take a picture of it and leave your name. Bonus karma if you take a picture of your basket and tweet it with something awesome and hashtag #tcc4vets

We are loading cars and delivering at 5:30.

At 6pm, the students who are bringing dinner should plan to arrive.
We will start serving @ 6:30.

Where: 1280 Kissimmee Street  (corner of Kissimmee and Lake Bradford) Social room -- first building on the right, middle door. You'll find me, we will make it easy. Park anywhere down below the buildings.

11:15 Class: Ayanna, Rion, Brian N., Quincy, Kishelle
Main course/meat for 40ish

12:20 class
Side dishes (for 25ish)

  • Trevor potatoes
  • Garren pasta
  •  Aaron casserole
  •  Andrea something
  •  Wes something
  • Casey - broccoli salad
  • Salad/dressing - Max
  • Mac and cheese - I don't know but you wrote in pink pen.
Homemade bread - May
Variety of  Drinks for 30  plus a bag of ice - Sebastian  
Variety of Drinks for 30 plus a bag of ice - Julie
Plates, cups, plastic utensils - Will

1:05 Class
(to be updated***)