Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rough Draft #26: The One With a Guys Named Rico and Sway

When it came to flying, no one could catch us. We were all so young and no one ever expected anything from any of us. Just a bunch of kids from Brooklyn, ending up in shit hole Tallahassee. I tell you what, when I joined the force and they told all of us we were headed to Florida; I expected beaches and babes not farms and rednecks. But anyway, enough of me.  I’m only an eighth of who I am and whom I represent. I’m a Cosmo, a group of the most elite Air Force Squads of not only WWII, but to date.


When we were first sent to Tallahassee, they put us all on janitorial duty of the women’s college close to where we were stationed. They never trusted us with the planes there, but we couldn’t really blame them. When we first got there, there were only twelve planes.. Could you believe that? 

They tell us we’re being sent to “Dale Mabry Army Airfield” we get there, and all they have is twelve planes?! So we took the shit for a while

(Here talk about all the training (secret) and hardships)

We were just working regular midnight detail. Other than the couple security guards at the front gate, we were really the only people on the airfield. It was just a regular Sunday night. 

All of sudden the one horn we have on the airfield goes off for the first time ever. The ground starts shaking and all of sudden, we can see planes flying through the air. We run out of the women’s school and head straight for the planes. 

The whole city is under attack by the time we get there and all we can see is red lines flying from the planes shredding through the barns all across Tallahassee. With the security guard tower destroyed, it was only the eight of us left on the airfield, with everyone back at their homes for the Sunday night sleep out (the only night the base was left semi unguarded) but no one ever expected any sort of attack.

(Talk about actual fight and how the Cosmos defeat all the intruders and save Tallahassee.)

Comments: This needs to based on history, and I don't recall an invasion of Tallahassee during WW2