Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rough Draft #24: Manly Chinese and French cadets were there to train

Robert Wilson who is from Texas enlisted to be an army fighter pilot. He was one of the first pilots to arrive at Dale Mabry airfield. He arrived on January 31st1941. Just a few days earlier Dale Mabry became an Army airfield. Here Robert would train side by side with other pilots. Not Just pilots from America were at Dale Mabry to train, pilots from all over the world were there. 
Manly Chinese and French cadets were there to train.  During his time at Dale Mabry Robert learned flying maneuvers and tactics to help him fight in the war.  After a year or so Robert was transferred Down to MacDill Air Force base in Tampa. Their Robert would continue his training to become a better pilot and wait to be deployed to fight in the war.           September 29th 1943 Robert was deployed to join the Army and the attack against Germany. Only a few weeks went by when Robert got his first orders. Him and a group of fighter pilots were ordered to bomb a ball barring factoring in Schweinfurt Germany. Robert was excited yet extremely nervous to go on this mission. 
On October 14th 1943 Robert and many other Pilots left base towards the factories.  Just before they arrived at their location German fighter pilots and anti air from the ground attacked. Robert and the other pilots were not ready for a dogfight. The fights last for a few hours but the Germans were too strong and more prepared for this fight. Many Pilots died during this attack. Luckily for Robert he was able to escape without injury to himself or plane. 
During his fight he register two kills and four hits. Later Robert learned that the mission was a failure. Roberts group was hit really hard so they would need time to repair and get more men. Robert would not go on any more big air raids. He would participate in small dogfights here and there until the war was over.      

 Comments: Good start. Proofread and add more details from your research. It's unclear if this guy is entirely fictional or based on a real person***