Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rough Draft #19: The One Where US and Japanese Baseball Playing Pilots Fight Russians Over Tallahassee

Project Part 3
Back in the 1930’s while Dale Mabry Airfield was up and running there was a very interesting situation that took place, which involved the United States and Japan and left people extremely confused. The situation was very at of the ordinary and our nation thought it was going to be an attack on the very important Dale Mabry Airbase, but the nation was pleasantly surprised. 
On a beautiful Thursday afternoon there were thirty nine Japanese jets and airplanes that were circling the airbase and everybody was bracing themselves for an attack sending out American fighter planes and warning them not to attack, but the Japanese never fired a single shot and left everyone confused on their tactics. 
 The Dale Mabry Air force commanders ordered the US planes back to the ground because they knew they were not under attack. A few minutes later they received a message from the Japanese pilots asking if they could land on their runway because they had a surprise for us. 
The United States granted their request and demanded the message immediately because there was still some suspicion. Out of the blue a twenty-five Japanese baseball team stepped out of the airplanes asking if they could play a three game series against the American team. 
Luckily the Dale Mabry baseball stadium was located on the southeastern side of the airbase. The United States called the best baseball players they could think of to field a team to play against the Japanese powerhouse. When it was all said and done they had an amazing all star like team that consisted of big name players such as Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio and many other high priced major league ball players. 
The game was very organized because the Dale Mabry Airbase commanders would send their pilots out throughout the nation picking up the best umpires that they could find to call the game. The field itself was in perfect condition because it was just built and well kept with a professional grounds crew. All the players were extremely excited to play because it was one of the best stadiums in the country and they got to play against the best international team in the world. 
The two teams could hardly interact because they could not speak the respected languages but everybody understood the game of baseball. The game started and everything was going great, with a lot of competition but also a lot of respect for one another.
 Everybody was having a blast and the game was going perfectly as planned. The game was coming to a close and the United States team had a four to two lead when all of the sudden there were unidentifiable airplanes flying over top of the airbase. 
Both the American and Japanese citizens grew very concerned and everybody rushed into the facilities to figure out whom it was and what they were doing. 
Right as everyone was inside, there was a missile that landed directly in the middle of the field completely destroying the stadium and this enraged everybody including the Japanese even though it was not their property. Out of complete anger and resentment both the American and Japanese fighters wanted to get up in the air and fight. 
The Commanders identified the enemy aircrafts as Russian bomber and immediately sprung into action sending their fighters up in the air. The Japanese formed and alliance with the Americans and sent some of their fighters up to help fight off these enemies.
 Since there were so many fighter in the air fighting for the Americans, the fight was ended in ridiculously quick fashion and the Russians were overwhelmed because they were not expecting help by the Japanese.
 The fight ended and everybody returned to the base to realize that the field was unplayable but nobody was angry because both nations came together and formed an alliance on the backbone of the baseball teams respect for one another. 
The game was obviously over but both teams enjoyed the rest of he day together talking and messing around with each other to make up for the tragedy.
Throughout the rest of the year and a couple years after the two nations had yearly games played and every single game took place on the Dale Mabry baseball stadium and created a bond and tradition that could never be broken.

Comment: You have a lot of research and re-writing to do. Historical fiction isn't science fiction -- it has to be based on research and on what could have happened. This reflects imagination more than WW2.