Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rough Draft #10: The One with the Naked Guy Walking Along the Road

Dale Mabry and Its Impact on Tampa Bay

Growing up in Tampa has shown and taught me many things. For instance, the time I was on my way to soccer practice and saw an older guy naked walking along the road, I had no idea what road that was on until I recently brought it up to my mom and she had remembered. I have lived in the same house my entire life. Tampa is the only thing I had ever known until I moved up to Tallahassee for college. Dale Mabry was the street everyone used to correlate to many places including the beaches, the nicer malls, and the wealthier high schools.
            That being said, my soccer practices, cheerleading meets, and volleyball tryouts all took place on Dale Mabry. It wasn't until I was sitting in professor Soldani’s history class that made me recognize who Dale Mabry really was, and now I have a thirst to learn more about him and the impact he has made throughout American history. It is so appealing that many of the streets we grew up on have a huge meaning behind them and a story that it entails. Growing up, Dale Mabry was just a street name but as I learn more and more about him I realize he was much more than that.
            Dale Mabry was an Army Air Corps member and was the first ever successful pilot in a war. He obtained knowledge and a legacy that has been carrying on ever since he passed in 1922. George M. Steinbrenner field is where the Yankees practice and play during their off season which is located on Dale Mabry. Every summer when my family and I travel we go through Tampa International Airport which is also located on Dale Mabry. Many of the things that I have in my backyard are figuratively located on Dale Mabry and it is appalling to me that many people that travel among this street don't realize the impact that Dale Mabry has had on history.
            In any case, many people should look into what Dale Mabry has done and what he has provided throughout history. It has broadened my view on him and the street very close to where I grew up and call home.

Comments; Good start, do a bit more research to make this a wider and deeper.