Friday, April 4, 2014

Exam #2: Casablanca? Potsdam?

None of the following happened during WW2 conferences, except in the stressed imagination of my students on Exam Day.

  • They all  came together to say “no, France is America’s”

  • Potsdam conference they decided how Russia would be split up. They decided on 4 parts with the US getting Berlin.

  • Casablanca Conference was the US telling Mexico we want their land and we will protect them. Then at the Potsdam Conference we decide Mexico would become part of America.

  • The Casablanca Conference was at an airport in black and white. 

  • My gut tells me the answer is League of nations is part of this answer. My brain tells me I’m an idiot for not having coffee this morning.

  • I can honestly say I have no idea. Pains me but isn’t Casablanca a wine? Or an early 1990s movie?

  • Casablanca Conference had to do with Great Britain getting between New Mexico and Italy.