Friday, April 4, 2014

Exam #2: Capitalism?

Explain the quote: "Capitalism was saved in 8 days...."

The correct answers (and there were MANY included an explanation of how the FDIC and regulation changed banking in the US.  

These answers were a little off the trail.

  • The US didn’t want any country to become capitalist so we put a stop to it. I’m pretty sure that China was one country that was trying to become capitalist.

  • President Hoover threatened the US would be controlled by capitalism but it was saved. 

  • Everyone was forced to become capitalist or they would be killed. 8 days to surrender.  

  • This is a quote by FDR after we “won” the war in such a short amount of time. (Note: FDR died before WW2 ended, and WW2 was a few days longer than 8....)