Friday, April 4, 2014

Exam #2 Bloopers: No, YOUR horse does...

Your horse has diabetes should include a discussion of moonshine and prohibition. 

Pretty much everyone who was in class winced enough to remember the story.

 Some of these guys might've missed that particular day.

  • No. Your horse does.
  • Poor guy can’t eat snickers
  • I’m sorry
  •  People said this at alcohol.
  • Probably ate a lot of McDonalds
  •      It was a specific “coffee” but in reality was a liquor mixed with coffee or tea. A guy asked “is this horse pee” would want some more alcohol. 
  •    American companies were coming up with diseases or small stuff to be cured.
  •  I missed this lecture but I’m glad I don’t have a horse.;-)
  •  When your horse is sick it is said your horse has diabetes but it was really pregnant.
  •  This was a saying about horses and diabetes because no one wanted to join the war.