Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Mr. Putin

Dear Mr. Putin
April 29, 2014

Hola Comrade Putin,

Following the spirit of what I'm trying to figure out might be the Obama Doctrine of cutting people off so that they will talk to you (to be hereby known as the "Shhhhhhification of War") I have decided to have a personal embargo on you. 

From now until I change my mind, you are not allowed to read my blog anymore, and you can't read my books.

 I was thinking of blocking ALL of Russia, but that'd be crazy. 
Russians are nice interesting people, they can stalk me all they want. 

But not you.

No laughing for you, no more stories, no finding out about the rest of my 100 books, no reading about my next trip to Cuba, none of that. Unless I  change my mind. But shhhh, ignore that, but I mean it.

This a big deal. 

I didn't ban Hugo Chavez (when I had the chance, that is) and I haven't banned  either of the Castro brothers, so think about THAT while you get all bored and poor and sad.

Since we all know embargos WORK (example #1 Cuba, example #2 North Korea, example #3 do you really need more examples) I say this is the policy to run with. 

What's the alternative? Go to real all-out war? Please.

 The US has encircled Russia politically, economically, diplomatically and militarily for the past 60 years!

 Any war would be a landslide in our favor, and they we'd have to rebuild you with Starbuskis in every post-WW3 suburb that would bloom across Eurasia fueled by US money, and drawing more allies towards our interests. 

What kind of alternative is THAT?