Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dale Mabry Student Project Rough Draft #5: Grandma Loses Her Marble

As we gather around my grandmother to hear yet another wonderful story that will take your mind back to where she saw it in her past, I wait on what I can learn next back what happen back in the 1920s. 

As she stood up in her chair she look at us with this great smile, and she start off by tell us this story about where she grew up at. As slowly she started the story I slowly felt like I was there I felt like I was swept off my feet back into the 1920 and this is what I seen. She places my mind where I saw all this small houses and there I saw a woman holding a baby girl in her arms and I recognize that was my grandmother she was holding.

Wearing this this brown dress there she was singing Glory be to God. The voice on her was amazing. Then the story shift and I see a girl and three boys between the ages of six through ten years old playing outside this small house.

 I had notice she was playing with some type of shinning marble. It something about that marble that was special because when look at her face, it light up her smile just as bright as the marble. I remember that the marble her mother gave to her. It was symbol of strength and hope. 

As the story goes on the marble always appears when she need to the strength and the hope in her life. When she realize that she have no education and nothing she can do about but when she look at the marble it brought her strength and hope that everything happen for a reason. Then my mind went black I just saw this dark place and when I realize that day my grandma lost her marble. 

I was actuals looking inside my grandma heart she felt lost without her marble that symbol of strength and hope and without she felt she had nothing. I see the marble it shinning just as bright by the house I wish I can go pick it up but I’m just in a dream and nobody cannot see me; I’m just ghost from the future. 

So as time went on her smile wasn’t the same anymore. Time going by and she turn into this beautiful young girl, a young girl that about to have her first child. I see somebody that is scared but know that she has responsibly to handle, and that taking care of a child she is carry. 

As the little boy was growing up and one day he playing in the dirt and guess what he discover…. He found his mother marble. What a day he about to bring to his mother he run back into the house and said “mother, mother, mother, guess what I found” she said “what baby,” I have found your marble that grandmother gave to you, I remember mother you told me what this marble have brought to you and hopeful it can do it again.
 The mother and son hug and cried for great joy. From that day all on her strength and hope have fully came back again. When I had open back up my eyes I look at my grandma holding that marble in her hand and that smile just as bright as ever. 

Comments: Grandma lost her marble? You're killing me. This isn't really connected to WW2 and Mabry Field; if you did research you need sources.