Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dale Mabry Student Project Rough Draft #7: The French Pilot Who Was Bored in Tallahassee

I am a French pilot. I came here Tallahassee, Florida about three months ago. Everything is different from my hometown Paris. I was unfamiliar with this city at first, but I have adapted much more since then. I am learning flying skills in here and I will go back my country and will be ready for any war from my country.
The interesting thing in here is that the base of our airport was swamp. Many people worked to build this base for soldiers. I was able to finish my flying training in Paris, but I can get more accurate and advanced skills here. I came here with my two colleagues from France. This city is very clean and calm, but sometimes boring for us. So, we often miss our hometown and hope to go back our country as soon as possible.  However, we support each other and hang out after training. That is only joy for us in here and the way to overcome homesickness in here.
My training is focused on gunnery and bombing. In the battlefield, attack accuracy is the most important than any other, so I repeated this training almost every day so far. After this hard training, I will be assigned to fight for my country. I sometimes feel nervous about war, but that’s my job and this is my mission for my country. I always believe myself and finally I will be able to see the fruit of my efforts someday.

Comments: need to do a lot more research and create a character with a name who was from somewhere specfic and missed specific things while he was here. What unit was he with? When did they train here? is he with the French resistance?