Thursday, April 3, 2014

Book #38: Bloody Good (Carrie by Stephen King)

My morning starts early and different from normal. Instead of giving tests, I’m taking them. And I don’t want to. There is nothing good about needles, nothing. 

I consider grabbing a stack of blue books to bring and grade then decide to grab a book.

The two I have at home are Carrie and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Complete Trilogy). 

Carrie is smaller and fits in my purse.  Off I go to where I don’t want to go. The sky is low, like clouds are invading.

I drive up my street, go through a patch of fog and end up 
staring down  a tribe of deer who don’t look smart enough to be annoyed with cars.  I join the crazy early morning Tallahassee rush hour that moves  so much faster and more aggressively than the 8:45 rush hour. I wonder if anyone else knows this? 

My brain feels full of flakes of knowledge like that, waiting to be useful or discarded like dandruff.

So I start Carrie while I’m in the waiting room and a bell goes off and apparently my name was flashing on a screen AND someone called out my name but I didn’t hear them because I was THAT absorbed in this book.

Yes, I already knew Carrie was about a prom, and there would be blood.
This is a book of science, religion, questions, bullying, revenge and hate and maybe maybe maybe redemption. Even though I pretty much knew where the story was going, I loved how it unwound shifting through time and perspectives.

I had no idea Stephen King was this great a storyteller. I've seen him on TV and his eyebrows scared me, so I've made it a habit to avoid his books. I'm glad a student forced me to break that bad habit and start reading Stephen King.

It was awful, crazy, horrortastic wonderful. I finish the book after dinner, a dinner I left in the oven and burnt to a crisp because this book was THAT good.