Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Book #36: if i stay

I forgive the author for giving this book a title with only lower case letters.

That is simply the book's only flaw. Read this book, give it to your daughter, a friend, an enemy, anyone who needs  a good hard cry.  

The first part of this book takes the reader through the early part of day 1, the day of the accident. A family of four gets into a car, the car is in an accident, only one of them survives -- the narrator.

Through flashback after flashback the narrator relives her happiest sweetest moments.  

Then she remembers her baby brother is dead, her parents are dead.

 She's pretty much dead. Might as well go, let go of whatever tiny bonds hold her to her body, and jump into the sky, into what comes next.

But a circle of people parade in front of her, and speak to her comatose body. 

Some say "you can go, it's ok" some stay "don't go, I will never forgive you." I won't ruin who said what, but when you read it, have kleenex.

I cried. I didn't think I would cry, I thought I was immune, but this book got me.