Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Book #35: Fly on the Wall: How One Girl Saw Everything

Book #35 called to me because it was pink and title was vague. Or so I thought. Until the main character became a fly.  The reason no one in her family noticed is because her parents were getting a divorce and each of them was travelling, leaving her alone in New York City with money, a subway pass and a key. (Yay! A parenting book! When can I leave *my* teenagers? I digress)

Fly on the Wall: How One Girl Saw Everything is a short good read. 

The writing is creative and smart and the characters are completely believable. This book could be a Disney show or movie.

 Or wait, no, because of the dirty parts.

Yes, dirty parts.

 A big part of this teen-targeted book involves the time the heroine spends in the boys locker room as a fly on the wall, seeing the guys she knows from school in all sorts of umm, well, ok, just use your imagination.

As a fly she notices the boys locker room is roomier than the cramped girls locker room, and the boys have lockers almost 3 times larger than the girls do.

Tranformed back from being a fly back to a student, the heroine points out to the administration the the locker rooms violate Title 9. The administration agrees to switch the girls into the larger lockerroom and send the boys to the smaller one, to be fair.  The author never tells us how "well" the boys take this news because the books ends on a happy complete smart note.