Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dale Mabry Airfield Project Paper #4

Dale Mabry Field is an air strip in Tallahassee, Florida. That was named after the late Army Captain named Dale Mabry. Dale was from the very city that air strip was established. The airfield wasn’t at all that big, it only contained one airstrip and that airstrip was made of grass in the early days of this historical airstrip. The airstrip began to upgrade as it became busier over the years. 

In 1934 the airfield began to create more air landing strip for more traffic. The airfield was used in World War 2. The U.S. senate wanted to make the airfield an army air force field for the duration of World War 2. 

The Florida governor at the time wanted to make the airfield into the same thing as the senate so the airfield in 1940 officially became an army air force airstrip. The airstrip is where the army sir force did training before the pilots were deployed in the treacherous war that was happening over seas in the 1940’s. 

The pilots that were training at the historical airstrip were of all races. During this time in our country there were segregation. So it was weird seeing a black pilot land a plane and a white man refuel the plane.

 After the war the airfield got put to good use and The Florida State College for Women used the land and the barracks for the male students attending the college. After the use of the barracks for dorms were discontinued the airfield became an airport for the city, but due to the emergence of the city Tallahassee becoming bigger the city made another airport that took over the job of airport from the Dale Mabry field. This is just an overview of this airfield.

 The amazing about the field is that it is on the campus of Tallahassee community college. 

Literally if you look at the correct side of the campus you can almost envision the planes land in the proper airstrips. 

It’s incredible to think everyday students walk on land that is historical. Pilots that fought against the evil axis powers trained on the land we learn about the axis powers being evil! It’s amazing to actually think about.

 I am a student of history; I love to think about the amazing history that happened under my feet. It makes me smile to look at the area and picture seeing the training pilots land on the grassy fields and drive into the hangers. 

These men that trained on that field kept our freedom and made sure that we would never speak German or Japanese. 

Its incredible, the day I learned about this airfield I knew I had to research it and become attached to it, and attached I did become.

 It’s the curse of being a person who loves history. When you have a favorite segment in history you want to learn as much as you can about that time period. 

My favorite time period happens to be the world war 2 times. So as I said before I had to know everything about this field. I’m glad I did my research, now when I look at the land I smile and just think about the history that was made on the land.