Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dale Mabry Airfield Project Paper #26

Have ever went to your history teacher office after she just got done with the lecture for today and you just happen to look out the window and you just see what she just taught. Especially when she just talks about WW2 and all the interesting things that went on during that time. One day I have went to her office, I look outside her window, and I see these all these interesting happen. My teacher was right she has enchanted window. It looks just like a movie. I went into the zone where Tallassee did not look like the present it took me back where Dale Mabry field begins. Dale Mabry was WW1 Army pilot and Tallahassee native Captain. He had got killed while he was in the army on February 21, 1922. He was important man in the army. On November 1929, the city of Tallahassee did a grand opening of Dale Mabry Field name after Dale Mabry. It was an army base where officers and enlisted men train, lived and meet people who were training for the war. Thousands of soldiers came to the base it was not just American men also the Chinese and French traveled to complete their training. I would not say everybody liked each other during this time. It was also racism at the Dale Mabry Field.Over 50,000 African Americans served in the armed forces during the time. Not only did have impact on the base, but around Florida like in the school system. African American and White Americans was treated differently just by the color of their skin. African Americans were treating as if they were a part of this country. They often were mistreated and got talk down less than a person for any other color. They were not allowed to be around the other soldiers. They often seem like they was not part of the training process. In reality people thought, they were unfit for the war. African American wants to prove them wrong that they were just as good of a solider and they were very prepared for the war. So often, when the other soldier was being train for the war they were just given duties to do around the base. They had something to prove and the Double V Campaign, which mean two victories, one enemy at home and on abroad. One enemy at home mean to get away from all the racial and decimation that was toward them. The enemy abroad was they were going to do their best to win the war against the enemy that they were fighting. Showing African American just as good as the other soldiers. They wanted show they was just as good of a solider like any other color. They want to get away from this solider black and this solider white. It should not matter what color they are they all here for the same reason and that to win the war.

Dale Mabry Field Assignment Dale Mabry Field was located in the Tallahassee Florida and it became the city’s first airport. The city purchased the land for $7,028 and it was a tract of 530 acres. But, during the war the airfield grew to 1,720 acres and added 133 buildings. At first the runway was just grassy but in 1937 it had two paved runways. Dale Mabry Fields name originated from a World War I Army pilot and Tallahassee captain Dale Mabry son of former Florida Supreme Court Justice Milton H. Mabry. Mabry was killed while commanding the army in an airship. The airship crashed in Virginia. The first manger of the port was Ivan Monroe who eventually became a full time owner of Tallahassee’s first plane.However, History reports that in 1941 the field became and an Army base. Senator Claude Pepper and the Florida Governor Spessard Holland influenced this idea. In 1940 many began working to help this idea became real; soon Mabry was closed for general aviation during WW2. But, the commercial airlines, Eastern and National, continued to use the field during the war. This base became known as a place where officers and enlisted men trained and lived. When World War II broke out and the US entered the war this field became very important. Thousands of soldiers entered the base and even the French and Chinese completed their training here. However, in 1945 at the end of the war thousands of veterans returned and got an education. Colleges experienced a record of enrollments and found it nearly impossible to accommodate those that applied. In return, to house the many veterans FSCW purchased buildings at Dale Mabry Field, and after the war many institutions bought land parcels in need of space. However, it was replaced in 1961 by Tallahassee Regional Airport and the land is now the campus of Tallahassee Community College. The airport once stood at what is now Appleyard Drive and W. Pensacola Street. I find this interesting because this is where I grew up and where I attend school. It is cool to think that I walk where planes once landed. I also found another cool fact. I found while researching that students used a gunnery base at Alligator Point, and a bombing range at Sopchoppy. There were also auxiliary bases in Cross City, Perry, Dunnellon, and Alachua.