Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dale Mabry Airfield Project. Paper #1

(Anonymous Student #1 - unedited) 

As I sat down in class listening to my history teacher lecher on ww2. I paid attention and took note asking myself when this will be over then the teacher paused and told us of this project that was worth 100 dollars in class money. 

I was all eras when heard that so she told us that I would be on the Dale Mabry airfield, and the only way we can get the information that we need is if we walked throw here enchanted window. 

She said I would be a better learning experience, the class chuckled as she went on about seeing plans landing right outside here window but said in my head ill give it a try. 

After class I went to my teacher and told here “I would like to see this enchanted window’’ she smiled thing that I believed here stories.

Then she said “I have walked throw it and it amazing but it restarts every time I walk throw” I said “ok ill walk throw it as long as I can get this letter grade ill be fine. So we went to her office it was a regular office on the first floor not much to look then she pointed at the window that was supposed to be enchanted.

 I saw nothing then I thought she was really crazy. 

I waited and waited, as I was about to walk out and go to the library with the other students, I heard a plain flying over head and them she shouted “LOOK”I could believe my eyes a plain landed on a road filed with cars but no accidents happened. 

So I opened the window and was pushed in with my teacher saying “have a nice learning experience” before I could get up and run she shut the window. 

I busted myself off and said a few mean things but little did I know I was not in 2013 Tallahassee, I was in Tallahassee of 1941 at the completion of the Dale Mabry airfield. 

I was scared there were thousand of men running back and forth getting on planes and training; doing drills it reminded me ROTC in high school it was intense. 

But what I recalled for my other class that this was a training site for new recruits because we were so suddenly brought into the war. And that “The base became a nearly self-sufficient city, with several runways, barracks, officers’ quarters, mess hall, hangars, a hospital, a church and a bowling alley”

. There was a lot to see but as I walked time seem to pass the base grow bigger I would say from 530acrs to 1,720acres as they added more building to make more room. Many planes came from far, and after their training they were sent to different parts of the world.

 As I watched this unfold like a movie playing in real time I was shocked to see what these people went thought. After I seen the devotion of teams, the boom squad, the attack on the other country’s till the end of the war. 

What felt like years, was only five minutes in the real world, my teacher was right there and she said “now can you write your paper” I told her “definitely” now.