Friday, March 21, 2014

Book #30: Carly's Voice -- All That AND a Bag of Chips

I chose Book #30 to take to Cuba with me. Of course I only went to Cuba in my head, but I just knew Book #30 would understand, that it was the right book to retreat with.  Since it arrived on my desk from far far away it's been calling loudly to me, even more loudly than the perfectly tantalizing delicious Tina Fey book (possible? true).

Last Tuesday I brought this book to a dentist appointment and Zoe jacked it before I could get to the third page.  For the rest of the day and much of the night she disappeared into Carly's world and then handed the book back quietly, saying the magic words "You will LOVE this...."

Zoe and I agree on most books. If she zips through a book I'm sure I'll zip through it too, which makes me NOW notice the whole Divergent thing.

Rewind to Christmas. Zoe - freshly turned 13 and in charge of the world - wants the whole Divergent series.

Fine, she gets it but she doesn't race through the series like her normal voracious self.

Of course I don't notice this because it happened before the 100 book adventure, before I noticed and talked about  books all the time. We both finished Divergent.

 I finished the book AFTER Divergent, but really I kept forgetting who died and who didn't and so many people came through I just didn't care about the characters enough to turn the pages half the time.

Looking back on it, I assumed Zoe had read all of these and that they would be worth my time. Now I know better.

Now I'll ask around. I'll ask her, I'll ask you, I'll send it out to the universe.

Anyway, I didn't finish the three book Divergent series. The last book keeps shifting narrator voice and perspective from chapter to chapter, and advanced maneuver for anyone much less a young author creating a soap opera in a dystopian land.

Book #30, Carly's Voice, is in another league entirely from the entire Divergent series, and in another universe of importance and relevance.

I can tell you exactly when I threw the book down, stood up and cheered.

On Dad's brown sofa, in his living room,  after Maggiano's and before the first episode of Hell's Kitchen.

When the show ended they took me home to spend another quiet night with this book, Cuban  crackers and the remote control.  The book wins.

I laugh. I laugh harder and cry just a little.  I text my daughter and we cheer together.

 Before I even finish the book I send a message to Carly, straight up fan mail.

I refuse to summarize this book for you, to use my voice to tell you a story that is Carly's to tell, but I will tell you this.

Since finishing Carly's Voice, I have totally jacked Carly's humor and use it all the time.

Just kidding.

No I'm not.

Carly, if you read this, I did jack your humor and I will pay you back with a huge bag of chips.

Not kidding.