Book #33: The Book Two Students Gave Me and Now I Know Why

Remember how I didn't publish my list of books because I didn't want students to influenced by what they thought I might/not like? Well because of that experiment I ended up with 2 sets of 2 books.

The first is book #33. The other, I have been told, will make me cry so hard I need to wait until I have a good solid two days to leave this world and feel emotions that glow brighter than the horrible neon-bright fashions that are being revived from 1980s.

Before I go further, let me remind you this book is coming after I read Ron Burgundy and Tina Fey.

Would you like to be at bat in that spot in that line up? Tough.

Three pages into the book I knew EXACTLY why two students assigned me this book.

"The Zombie Survival Guide" is freaking brilliant.

And funny. And important.

This book is a delightful reminder of the imaginative science in science-fiction.

 Now I know what causes Zombies, what kinds of Zombies there ARE, and where I should NOT go in case of an apocalypse (hospital! police! first floor entry!) I know what to do, what to pack, what to really look out for.

Example. In a Zombie apocalypse, should I find myself in a boat, I will have my survival pack with me and will  DEFINITELY remember that Zombies don't need air so they can jump up from under the water.  

Knowing this gives me POWER, so I station people in rotating watch over the anchor to make sure zombies don't climb up anchor and kill me or Zombify me.


Book #32: Yes, and....

Remember how I told you book #31 was super smart  and also laughoutloud HITYOURHEADWITHTHEBOOK funny?

Book #32 was so good I told all my classes and everyone in screaming range that they need to read THIS book.  It was kinder, funnier, soooo much more compassionate and wise than I could have imagined.

 I apologize to the student who lent me this book. I should have read it sooner. I should have read it years ago and passed it on to fifteen people.

Why didn't I read this book sooner?

 I meant to read it first, then I didn't, then I kept pushing it back and pushing it back and reading other books.

  I know why but I can't tell you.

 Ok, I'll tell you but it's not true.

OK, its true but only so vaguely true that its like the vapor that slips out of your freezer when you open it to peek for ice cream that you didn't buy but maybe just appeared magicalistically.

Here it is.

Deep in my heart didn't want Tina Fey's book to be THIS good because that makes her 10% beyond dazzlingly talently perfect, which is both impossible and awesome.

In the week I didn't write about this book (but talked about it! ask at least 200 people that have to deal with me!)  so awed by a great story by a delightful voice that  instead of writing (and imitating her?) I just sat quiet and read three more books and graded a gazillion more sheets of this and that from my students.

Saturday morning, a week after I finished the book, I meet an ex-student for breakfast.

She's near-perfect, fun, and is connected to Abuela in a way I'll tell you about another day.

She's an accounting major, a hard-working, disciplined live-in-the-library and concentrate-until-she-knows-it student who is spending college having a bit less fun that others.

That's fine. At the age of 25 she will be out earning me, and people who now beg her to blow of her homework will be coming to her begging for help.

 It's worth the work. Tina Fey would agree. On top of that I tell her - and I'm telling you - that Bossypants is incredibly body-positive, open-minded and and a fun fast read.

She doesn't have time to read it but then again, maybe she does.

We both giggle at the thought that reading a book is "cheating" on the real work in college.

Eggs come, hashbrowns arrived.

We talk about boys and love and the world.

She asks me if I've really read 30+ many books and how I'm juggling it all.

The reading is easy.  I ignore everyone and sit in a chair and smile. It's the writing that kills me.

Soon after that we part. I spend the better part of my weekend not writing about the four complete books I've finished.

I grade, I do laundry, I empty out the fridge and fill bags with suspicious mustard etc. Then I think about moving my non-office (which looks like a refugee camp between the kitchen and the dining room table) into the suddenly welcoming and uber-cute laundry room.

But first I thought I should move the dining room into the den and get goodwill to pick up that horrible sofa and that recliner that no one wanted and showed up anyway and clearly won't leave on its own.

Before all that, I put a chicken in the over and demand to myself that I write this entire review before dinner is ready.

 I have :52 seconds left.

BOOK #32: Bossypants by Tina Fey