Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book #25: Murder, Buttons, Justice.

I wouldn't have picked up Book #25 yet, not if the student who lent it to me didn't need it back ASAP, because I was going to read all my James Patterson books together.

By my last count I had 6 books by this popular author, and I was going to make a romp of it, later, after reading more non-fiction and more books that didn't have "shoe" in the title.

My next set of books was supposed to be by people who were on Saturday Night Live, followed by war memoirs, non-fiction advice, then books with "witches in the title."  Oh well.

Book #25, The 5th Horseman, is narrated by a female cop who is faced with a plague of murders (can there be a plague of murders?) and first has to untangle if they are all related.

An hour into reading the book I'm turning pages faster than I could eat popcorn and I can't put the book down.  Her friend's Mom dies, then a child dies, then ohhhhhhh a girl gets roofied and killed and is found wearing damn cute clothes.Who's doing all this?

Chapter by chapter we find out who is killing people in cars, who is killing them in hospitals AND who is putting crazy buttons on the face of the dead people.

Three hours and over 100 chapters later I finish the book quite satisfied.

All the bad people are caught and brought to justice.

All the survivors of trauma grew stronger.

The end. Yay.

There's a reason people buy and read James Patterson - he knows how to spin a fast, complex, smart book that doesn't go tooooo deep and keeps the story moving.  I can't promise you that I will remember this book and its plot and characters very well at the end of my reading adventure, but I will remember the writer that created them.

The 5th Horseman, James Patterson