Saturday, February 1, 2014

32 Books: Chapter 18: Book #15: This is a book I would read while walking, even if it meant falling down a few times.

I start Book #15 after my last class and read it through carpickup.

It takes everything I have to not read this book while driving.

 This is a book I would read while walking, even if it meant falling down a few times.

After resisting the tone, the context, the everything about this book, I sink into it and purr like a cat basking in the warmth of the perfect shady-sunshiny spot.

This book is so much like an earlier book - young love, bold choices, tragedy -- that I wonder why no one links these two and says "if you liked THIS tragic love story, you'll love THIS one that's just a wee bit different." The more I think about it, this book also goes with another book, the one on hope and faith and wisdom.

I have no idea what reading all these books, in this chaotic order, will bring me, but so far it has been treasure at every stop.

I hope this book is as good as those other two, the one that made me sob one way and the one that broke my heart an entirely differently way. 

I'd rather not know exactly, I'd rather  fall into it like a kid throwing herself down a waterslide. I've forbidden myself from reading reviews, searching for plot points or looking any of that up.

 Somehow it feels like cheating to read 10 review on a book then say "I agree!"  like reading is a True/False sport.

Everyone told me Book #3 would make me cry (I didn't believe them but they were right) but no one warned me about this one (so I'm warning you).

Yes, it made me cry happy sad salty sweet tears and I loved every bit of it.

Before dark, I start Book #16, the one a student had his mom send to him from overseas.  I sink into it quickly like I'm following a butterfly into a jungle.