Thursday, January 2, 2014

"She Won't Put You To Sleep"

Dear Future Dr. Soldani Students, 

The way to succeed in AMH2020 with Dr. Soldani is; first you must attend class every day.

 Second, if you miss class, get your notes from a friend that takes really good notes.

 The most important fact is to be in class early because if you're late just don’t come in at all it will only hurt you.

On the first day of class, she didn’t post any power points with notes to copy down, she just started lecturing. The first thing came to my mind was, I’m not going to do well in this class, but I didn’t give up. 

She gave us her fun strategy for passing the class. She said you guys have to earn money; class money that is. You can earn this money by coming to class, and completing assignments that are given. 

I stayed in the class and worked hard and I have really learned a lot from her class that I didn’t know before. She is one of my favorites here at TCC. 

She doesn’t make it easy for you, you have to work hard for your grade and show her what you know. At the end it will all pay off, I promise. I walked in her class saying, I hate history and now that I have made it this far I can really say it was not that bad, she is not boring at all , she’s very funny and outgoing and caring. 

So, if you don’t like a boring teacher that will put you to sleep, take her and just come to class, listen, and take really good notes. 

Make sure you study and review them before the next class and you will succeed and love her. I have learned so much this semester all because of her. She makes history fun and entertaining, she won’t put you to sleep I promise, like some professors will.