Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wendy Hansen

The absolutely worst thing about being connected and online is finding out horrible things.

I thought today would be a great day.

I made my son bacon and found him matching socks. He never ate the bacon but he smiled at it, and was impressed by my effort. My daughter got herself together in a new dress and headed downtown to be criminal defense attorney in a mock trial.

 Everything was going wonderfully until I scrolled through my feed while standing alone in a silent quiet house waiting for my bagel to toast.

I see a friend's post saying how she will miss Wendy, and then another post and another.

Before my bagel can pop up, hot tears of anger and confusion run down my face.

I shoot out messages and texts asking friends please please tell me what happened, tell me this is mistake, tell me its another Wendy, or a joke, or a prank.

Tell me something because I'm standing here alone with a bagel crying.

The first answer is all I need to see.

It starts with, "Love, hold on, this is the most horrible thing I ever heard..."

If you were to ask me my first impression of Wendy, I wouldn't need a minute to think of an answer, I'd know right away.

She was perfect

The hundreds of times I saw her at car drop off, car pick up, birthday parties and here and there she was  always on her game, always confident, always with perfect shoes, a great purse, and off on a mission to do something worth doing.  At first I thought this was because she had old kids, and more experience with parenting, but then I saw, it was just her.

She was perfect.