Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Her tests are very hard I’m not going to lie "

Here are some tips for you to pass Dr.Soldani's class this semester.

 Make sure you are five minutes early to class because you will have things to copy before class actually starts.

Put your phone away a second before class actually starts because if you have it out she will call you out.

 You will learn more than you have learned in History in her class considering she makes it very interesting.

 Be prepared for her loudness and don’t take it offensively. 

Show up to every single on of her classes because if you miss one class you miss an entire lecture that will be on your test.

Her tests are very hard I’m not going to lie so study a couple days before.

You will be getting fake money, don’t save it because you think you're going to have to use it for something else, I recommend you to use it on every test, its very helpful.

I wish you guys luck and hope you have a great semester with Dr. Soldani.