Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Actually study for the exam, if you don’t you’re pretty much screwed"

How to be Successful in Dr. Soldanis Class
To be successful you are going to want to go to class, and on time. If you are late you will owe her play money she gives you as extra credit. So if you’re late and loose 20 dollars that’s 20 points extra credit on your next exam. You will also want to attend every class or as many as possible. It isn’t a good class to skip because you will miss out on important details. She lectures for pretty much the entire class but it is fun and interesting.   
                                                Taking good notes is very important, if not your pretty much screwed for the test. You really can’t find the information she gives you in class anywhere else. Oh and don’t just copy the slides word for word, that irritates her and you won’t get the whole story she is trying to tell you from it. 
Her slides are more of a support to what she is saying.    

             If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask it. She has office hours everyday if you need her. Every week you should look over the notes you took that past week it will really help you remember thing for the test. Actually study for the exam, if you don’t you’re pretty much screwed, her tests are all essay questions. You should take advantage of the study guides she gives you for the test. They really give you an insight of how the test is going to be and it also lets you know exactly what you need to read in the book. Otherwise you’re stuck reading all the chapters. She only gives 3 tests a semester, none of which are cumulative, worth 200 points each. So it is a big chunk of your grade. To be in her class you should have sense of humor and not take things so seriously. You should also not be easily offended. Her classes are not very hard; you just have to be willing to learn which isn’t hard to want to do with Soldani as your professor. She makes a subject that to most seems boring and adds life to it, she makes you actually want to learn about this countries history.