Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Get Ready for an Amusing Semester"

Dear Spring Semester Students,
Let me start off by saying congrats on not choosing the typical boring history professor and get ready for an amusing semester with Dr. Soldani. 

To succeed you will need to take notes on her lectures and be aware of the days she gives out money. 

Dr. Soldani believes in giving extra credit points by earning money from her (sort of like monopoly money). These can be used towards your exams; you can even save them till the end of the semester where she gives you the option to split up the money so you choose where you would like to add the money (points) in. 

Even though attendance is not mandatory, she will charge you $20 (monopoly money) every time you’re late to class. so always be on time. 

Dr. Soldani also provides key terms before class starts. But, again, you must be early to class or you will miss it. 

During her lectures be aware of the images she posts on the PowerPoint slides. These images will appear again on the exams. 

I recommend looking at her website where she directly gives you the images that could show up on the exams or she may ask questions about. 

She also provides a study guide for every exam including the Final exam and will also tell you how the exam will be set up. The day after her exams, Dr. Soldani normally provides a 10 point quiz where she asks questions about the upcoming lecture. These questions do not need to be answered right but be sure to put some sort of answer down. 

Aim high and keep working.