Thursday, January 2, 2014

"....she gets passionate and can talk too fast"

 Dear Future Students, 

I have only liked taking history two times in my life. The first being my 6th grade history teacher, and this past semester in American Experience. Dr Soldani is a writer so she loves to tell stories.                                                              

     My favorite thing about her lectures is her slides. For the most part her slides are only pictures, she doesn’t put up paragraphs and expect you to learn them, she puts up these visuals on the board to help paint her picture of all the topics she tries to get across in that lecture. She is also one of the few professors I know who can spell out to students how everything connected and how everything will affect future topics, which for me put her lectures into context I understood and could start to relate to when she compares them to real life situations that happen today.

To be successful in her class, you don’t need to write down every little thing that comes from her mouth. You can tell by her story telling attitude the main points in her lectures and what concepts she needs you to grasps, these are the points you should take note of! And again you still don’t need to right down everything word for word because she gets passionate and can talk too fast to the point where you might miss something.                Instead just quick points about some type of order to the story will help at least give you reference to read in the text about later or to google later if you were to cheap to buy the book like me. (....besides you can rent it for an hour for free in the library) 

Dr Soldani is one of the few professors Ive had that has a grading rubric that makes sense on top of caring for her students and giving plenty of opportunities to increase your grade. Just don’t skip class and if she offers $20 do what ever it is to get it, chances are its really not hard to get.
Good luck,
A former 1041 student