Friday, January 31, 2014

Exam #1: Are You Ready to Think about Considering Preparing to Begin Studying ?

1. What is the format of Exam #1? Is it Essay? Matching? Multiple Choice? Maps? All of the above?
2. What % of your grade is Exam #1?
3. How much class $ can you put towards Exam #1?
4. Where are all the questions for Exam #1 posted?
5. Explain your game plan for studying for this exam.

1 - Exam #1 is all free-response questions requiring answers from one to five sentences long.
2 - Exam #1 is 10% of your course grade. That might not sound like much, but remember also that Exam #1 is an indicator of the quality of your effort, attendance, note-taking, preparation and critical thinking. Scoring poorly on this exam is an indicator that something isn't "working" and needs to be adjusted ASAP.
3 - You don't know how much class money you can put towards the exam? Definitely bring that up in class before you plan on buying out of too much of the exam!
4 - There is no magic site with all the questions posted. I have found that when I give students too many specific questions they memorize the answer instead of working through learning the material. Use the terms/phrases/quotes posted at the beginning of lecture as your study guide. That's why you come to class early. Did you think you were just supposed to be there to hear stories about hamsters and etc?
5 -  Please have a game plan. Don't let it be "look over my notes one time on the morning before the exam."  
One last thing. Your grade doesn't affect the Super Bowl. Please don't let the Super Bowl affect your grade.