Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Please and I’m stressing it PLEASE be on time to her class"

Dear Future Students,
Taking Dr. Soldani is NOT a joke! If you are not willing to learn and work hard, maybe you should consider dropping.She is such an awesome teacher, I have learned a lot in her history class this semester. 

She is very funny and she KNOWS her stuff. She has a story or a few stories, for pretty much every lecture, and if you miss class you will be lost, if you don’t have any friends who take great notes. 

Her exams are all essay, and you have to know the material well for you to do well on the exam. 

Sometimes, in class there are specific things she will say and you have to catch them and be able to write about those things on the exam, to get all your points for that question. 

After taking an exam, please come to the next class, you just may earn some points, or even $20 class money. 

Please and I’m stressing it PLEASE be on time to her class, she gives you ID terms that you will need for testing purposes and if you are late you will be fined $20 class money.   

 If you haven’t earned any class money then, you will give her an IOU, or 20 points will be taken off your test. You can earn class money by simply coming to class and completing certain assignments.

 All I stress is come to class, listen, take good notes, and earn class money and points; you will do well in her class, it’s just that simple.

Sincerely, 2013 Fall Semester student