Thursday, January 23, 2014

32 Books: Chapter 11: Book #9: The Dirtiest One Yet

When a student handed me this book I immediately liked it.

 It was the right color, with the right image on the cover, and the title was just crazy enough to make me think the author would tell colorful stories.

When I was reading another book, one I said I loved, people texted and emailed and facebooked me to ask if it was THIS book.

No, no it wasn't, but after 4 people thought THIS book would be a good one for me I moved it up on my list from "After all the books by Nicolas Sparks and John Grisham" to "Before all the books by Nicolas Sparks and John Grisham."

This was the RIGHT book for me.

If you read Marvin's Book, you probably know the story about the Potty Soldiers with Tails.

 This book opens with a story equally crazy, equally funny. Before I start the second chapter I'm in love with the world this author remembers, the one he walks us through week by week and room by room.

 Book #9 holds my attention hour after hour. Somehow I put chicken in the oven and boil some whatever to go with it. I don't remember, I don't care, I can't put this book down, I don't want to walk away from this adventure.

Then I hit the dirty part. This book has two graphic sex scenes (neither of which involves a woman ....) more than the first 9 books I read combined.  After reading so many G and PG books, I love love loved the start intimate honest perspective the author shared.

 I wasn't ready for that, I don't know what to think about it; I can't tell if it is consensual or rape, if it is harmful or if is love, and neither can the author.

 I care so much about the narrator I can't leave him there, so young and vulnerable.

After 200 pages I don't want to read any more because I don't want the book to end, but I can't stop reading.

When I finish the book Zack asks for help with his homework and I can't help him. I can't think, I've read so much, I've been so many places across so many centuries I just need to sleep a little and let all these stories seep into my soul.