Monday, November 11, 2013

AMH 2020 MWF Exam #3 Study Guide*

Here are the possible questions for Exam #3:
20 will be on the exam @ 10 points each.  
Prepare notecard-sized answer, not ½ page essays!
I will grade as following:  correct= 10 points, half correct= 5 points, incorrect = 0

1.     How did the Bikini get its name?
2.     Explain “nuclear family” and the context from which it received its name*
3.     Explain the Baby Boom
4.     Why and how did the USSR support Castro’s Revolution?
5.     Why was General MacArthur fired?
6.     Explain the Creation of Israel (1948)
7.     Connect: Chinese Civil War, Taiwan, UN Security Council and 1950 Korean War
8.     List 5 NATO Countries
9.     List 5 countries that received Marshall Plan money
10.  List 5 countries on the Soviet side of the Iron Curtain in Europe
11.  List the US Presidents from 1940-1968
12.  Question on Berlin Blockade and Airlift
13.  Question on Iron Curtain Telegram
14.  Question on 1953 Kinsey Report
15.  Question on Langston Hughes’ “From Beaumont to Detroit”
16.  Question on Japanese in the US during WW2
17.  Question on NSC-68
18.  Question on Atomic CafĂ© Videos
19.  Question on Building Berlin Wall Video
20.  Question on Castro’s rise to power in Cuba
21.  Question on Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
22.  Question on Suez Crisis
23.  Question on Francis Gary Powers
24.   Question on The Rosenbergs
25.  Question on Cuban Missile Crisis
26.  Question on Operation Pedro Pan
27.  Question on “The Problem that has No Name”
28.   Question on “A Young Woman Who Swallowed a Lie”
29.  Question on Mrs. America
30.  Question on House of the Future Video
31.   Question on Bay of Pigs
32.  Question on Operation Mongoose
33.  Question on Operation Ajax
34.  Question on Levittowns
35.  Question on Women and Work 1940-1970
36.  Question on GI Bill of Rights (1944)